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By default, the toolbar is at the top of the canvas and provides access to most of the Sketchbook tools. When you select a tool, another toolbar may appear below it, containing additional options.

In Sketchbook Pro on desktop, the toolbar can be optionally hidden or moved to give you a larger work space.

On mobile, the device you have (handheld device or tablet) determines which tools you see in the toolbar and what it looks like. Due to the screen size of some devices, you may have to swipe left or right in these toolbars to access more options.

Accessing additional tools in the toolbar     toolbar in 64-bit iPad version

Which tool is active?

Tap a tool in the toolbar to select it and make it active. The tool is highlighted blue. When there are two or more tools highlighted blue, that means they are all active. For example, you could have both Symmetry on and a Shape tool selected.

Toolbar showing Symmetry with Guides as secondary

Toolbars in Sketchbook Pro for desktop

The version of Sketchbook Pro you're running will determine the tools available in the toolbar. Some tools have a contextual toolbar, containing additional editing and transform tools.

Toolbar in the Sketchbook Pro version and its secondary menu

  1. Undo and redo‍ 
  2. Zoom/rotate/move the canvas ‍ 
  3. Selection tools‍ and de-select
  4. Crop canvas (can be used in conjunction with selection tools)
  5. Quick transform
  6. Transform
  7. Flood fill tools‍ 
  8. Text tools‍ 
  9. Rulers and guides‍ 
  10. Perspective guides‍ 
  11. Symmetry tools‍ 
  12. Pen mode
  13. Steady and Predictive Stroke‍ 
  14. Shape tools‍ 
  15. Auto hide UI‍ 
  16. Layer Editor‍ 
  17. Brush palette‍ 
  18. Color Editor‍ 
  19. Color Palettes‍ 

Toolbars in Sketchbook for mobile devices

The toolbar will look different if you have a handheld/phone device or a tablet, since the available screen space is different. Please see the sections below and find the one that's right for you.

Some tools also have a secondary contextual toolbar, containing additional editing and transform tools.


Toolbar for tablet users

Toolbar in the iPad version of Sketchbook

  1. Main menu: create a new sketch‍, access the Gallery‍, save the canvas‍, import a file‍, share, and Preferences
  2. Undo and redo‍ 
  3. Selection tools‍ 
  4. Transform tools‍ 
  5. Flood fill tools‍ 
  6. Rulers and Guides‍ 
  7. Symmetry tools‍ 
  8. Shape tools‍ 
  9. Predictive Stroke‍ 
  10. Import image‍ 
  11. Perspective Guides‍ 
  12. Auto hide UI ‍while you draw 
  13. Text tools‍ 
  14. Time-lapse record‍ 
  15. Either hide or display the interface‍ 

Toolbar for handheld device users

Sketchbook mobile toolbar labeled

  1. Create a new sketch‍, access the Gallery‍, Preferences‍, and share images
  2. Undo and redo‍ 
  3. Tools‍ 
  4. Brush Library‍ 
  5. Color Editor 
  6. Layer Editor‍ 
  7. Hide or show the interface