Rapid UI mode

NOTE: Rapid UI mode is only available in Sketchbook on a tablet.

For tablet users, Rapid UI mode also provides a full-screen working environment. Work with the UI hidden, yet still have quick access to it, all as you continue drawing. 

Flipping the UI

If you’re a lefty , here’s another reason you’ll love this. You can flip the UI to the other side of the screen – where it’s not obscured by your hand.

To flip the position to optimize left-handed usage, drag the 'Trigger' UI handle to the other side.

No matter which hand you draw with, your non-dominant hand can now help. Use it to access the UI, as you continue drawing. Change brushes, brush settings, colors, color settings, even layers and layer properties, as you draw with your other hand. Use the radial menu to access other tools.

Accessing Rapid UI mode

In the toolbar, tap Hide UI tool. Tap this to enter Dual Mode in the Sketchbook to enter this mode.

Here is an overview of the UI that will be visible when working in this mode:

2 hand mode

Along the side are the Palette Sliders and the Trigger.

Using Palette Sliders

These change basic brush settings. A readout appears on-screen, indicating the numeric changes. A brush stamp appears showing the new brush stamp.

using palette sliders

  • To change brush size or hardness and size (depending on the brush), tap-drag the top slider.
  • To change brush opacity or flow, tap-drag the bottom slider.

Using the Trigger

This feature has two functions:

To switch the UI from right-handed to left-handed, drag it to the other edge of the screen.

To quickly access the Brush, Color, and Layer Editors and their settings, with your non-dominant hand, tap the Trigger Trigger icon, then drag-hold up or down to select an editor.

Then with your other hand, tap whatever you want to select it in the editor or tap-drag values to change settings.

Marking Menu

At the bottom of your canvas, you’ll find the Marking Menu. Tap it to access a radial menu of tools and the Corner tools‍. In the menu, you will find Swap between brushes‍, Transparent Color‍, Color Picker‍, Double Puck‍, and Flip‍.

Radial menu in Sketchbook on iPad