Changing your view

Zooming, fitting to display, full canvas, split screen, and navigating the canvas

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If you are looking to change your view and navigate around the canvas, check below for how to do this for the platform you're on.

INFORMATION: Other ways to change your view - If you want to move, scale, or rotate your canvas, see Transforming canvases. To frame your image or resize it, see Resizing images.

Changing your view in Sketchbook Pro for desktop

In the Lagoon, Tools icon contains lots of tools for changing your view that you’ll probably use all the time, such as View Snap, Fit to View, and Actual Size.

View of the Sketchbook Pro canvas and UI for Changing the view

Ways to change your view

Learn how to zoom in and out, move around, and view an image’s actual size or fit it to view.

Zoom in and move about

Pan and Zoom

Tap and flick toward or press and hold down the spacebar to access the puck.

Puck Pan/Zoom

  • Move your stylus to the center to zoom and tap-drag to zoom in and out.
  • Move your stylus to the outer ring and tap-drag to reposition your sketch on the canvas.

Zoom using a touch strip

Cintiqs and some tablets have a touch strip for zooming. Position your cursor over the area you want to zoom in or out of. Move your finger along the touch strip in an upward motion to zoom in or a downward motion to zoom out.

View at actual size

For the actual pixel size of an image, tap Tools icon and flick toward Actual Size icon or press Option+Cmd+0 (zero) for Mac or Alt+Ctrl+0 (zero) for Windows.

Fit an image in the display

To expand or shrink an image, tap Tools icon and flick toward Fit To View or press Cmd+0 (zero) for Mac or Ctrl+0 (zero) for Windows.

Changing your view in Sketchbook for mobile devices

Zoom in on or out of an area of your sketch, or move around the canvas and change your view, using split-screen view.

Zooming in to a sketch

Zoom in to see details and have finer control when sketching and painting.

With two fingers, drag and expand on the canvas to zoom in.

Zoom gestures

To zoom in further, repeat this action as many times as necessary.

Zooming out of a sketch

Use zooming out for when you want to have a better view of the overall composition.

With two fingers, pinch the canvas.

To zoom out further, repeat this action as many times as necessary.

Rotating your view

You can use your finger(s) to freely rotate the canvas.

Twist with two fingers to rotate the content on all layers.

Rotate gestures

Moving the canvas

You can use your finger(s) to freely move the canvas.

Drag with two fingers in any direction to move the canvas.

Fit to view

Viewing the full canvas

Set a corner tool to Frame Canvas icon Frame Canvas (see Customizing the corner tools‍) and tap it to instantly change what you see and display the full canvas.

Frame Canvas Image framed

Split screen view

Sketchbook supports split-screen multi-tasking, using Split View and/or Slide Over.

  • Slide Over is a peek-in-peek-out type function and is only available for the iPad mini 4 and iPad Pro.
  • Split View is the Apple version of split-screen multitasking. Without leaving your work in Sketchbook, if you want to check on something in a secondary app, swipe in from the right of your screen for an overlay of that app.

Depending on the model of your device, you will have Split View and/or Slide Over functionality.