Introduction to Sketchbook

Get started with an introduction to the interface and the basic interactions.

Getting started in Sketchbook Pro for desktop

Example of the UI for the Pro version of Sketchbook

For information on how to set the canvas size, see Creating a canvas‍.

What do I do next?

After creating a new sketch, here are some articles that could come in handy:

  1. selecting a brush
  2. Color Editor
  3. Sketching tools
  4. Importing images
  5. Changing the language of the UI

Getting started in Sketchbook for mobile devices

Here are some suggested articles for what to do next:

Getting started in Sketchbook for Windows 10

Now, you'll see the canvas‍, toolbars‍, Brush Puck‍, and Layer Editor‍. Let's look at the file options in the toolbar. Click here to learn about the tools.

Icon Tool Name and Purpose
New Sketch icon New Sketch – Create a sketch and set your canvas size. Choose from a set of preset sizes or create a custom canvas size.

Your maximum canvas size is 10K by 10K.
Open icon Open – Grab an existing sketch and continue working on it.
save Save – Save your sketches out as TIFFs.
save as Save a copy – Save your sketch without overwriting the original.
File > About in Sketchbook Preferences – Access the various preferences in Sketchbook Pro for Windows.
Help icon Help – Access the online help, where you can find answers to your issues, as well as tutorials and much more.