Maximum layers and canvas size on mobile

Did you download Sketchbook for your mobile device and want to know how many layers you have or how large your canvas can be? 

Well, it’s all up to your device. 

Your device’s specifications, version of the operating system, and available memory determine the various combinations of layers and canvas size.

NOTE: memory (RAM) and storage are different factors. Storage is the space available on the device to save files. Memory is the processing power that the device has.

Available memory is reduced when multiple apps are running at the same time, a device with 8GB of RAM will not make all that memory available to Sketchbook at all times. When working with large canvases it is a good idea to reduce the number of other apps running in the background.

For better performance and more layers, do not create bigger canvases than you really need. A smaller canvas will increase the number of layers available, due to the reduced demands placed on your device.