Color Editor

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The Color Editor contains a variety of methods for selecting color.

  • Color Wheel to dynamically adjust Hue, Saturation and Luminance
  • Color sliders
  • Randomize Color
  • Gradients for creating color ranges
  • HEX code

The top section of the Color Editor displays an active color swatch and two color bars one for displaying color harmony and the other showing a history of recently used colors.

Color Editor in Sketchbook Pro for desktop

Default Color Editor

  1. Previous color chip for comparison when adjusting the current color
  2. Current color
  3. Complementary of current color
  4. Select different color bar options
  5. Color history or gradient colors
  6. Transparent color‍ 
  7. Eye dropper (color selector)
  8. Saturation/Luminance diamond
  9. Hue wheel
  10. Toggle visibility of color harmony handle(s) on hue wheel
  11. HEX color field and copy button
  12. Color sliders for HSL, HSV and RGB
  13. Custom color gradients for generating blends between 2 colors
  14. Randomize color options (HSL ranges, gradient bar, or the active palette set in Custom Color Editor)
  15. Collapse/expand window

Accessing the Color Editor

To access the Color Editor, tap Open Color Editor icon in the main toolbar, select Window > Color Editor, or tap on the current color indicator in the Lagoon.

Lagoon with Open Color Editor icon

Color Editor in Sketchbook for mobile devices

The device you're using (handheld verses tablet) will determine the design of the editor you see. The differences are subtle, but necessary due to the limited screen size of some handheld devices. There is, however, no difference in the available features.

A guide to the Color Editor

  1. Previous color
  2. Current color
  3. Complementary of current color
  4. Color set toggle 
  5. 9-swatch color history
  6. Transparent color
  7. Eye dropper (color selector)
  8. HSL sliders
  9. Color set (mini-view)
  10. Custom Color Gradient
  11. RGB sliders
  12. Randomize color
  13. Edit HEX value
  14. Paste HEX from clipboard

How to access the Color Editor

Open the Color Editor from the toolbar toolbar_color_editor.png, by tapping the color chip at the top of the Layer Editor, or by tapping on the marking menu button to expose the Double Puck and tapping on the color chip.

Additional features with the Premium Bundle

The Premium Bundle for Sketchbook on mobile includes extended functionality for the the Complementary and Color History bars in the Color Editor.

An icon beside each bar will open pages to select different color bar options

The top bar can be customized to display different color harmonies:

  • Complementary
  • Split Complementary
  • Analogous
  • Triad
  • Tetrad

The second bar can be customized to display different gradients:

  • Hue
  • Saturation
  • Lightness
  • Complementary
  • Grayscale
  • One of four user-customized gradients
  • Color history