Color Palettes

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The Color Palette contains color swatches. The version of Sketchbook you are running will determine whether the palette is visible or needs to be opened, by tapping an icon. Your version will also determine how many and what kinds of palettes are available. Some palettes can be customized. See the section that pertains to your version for more details.

How to add custom color swatches

In some versions, the palette can be customized to contain custom color swatches. Any swatch can be replaced and the entire collection can be reset to the default settings.

  1. In these cases, create a custom color or use the Color Picker to grab a color from elsewhere (such as from a reference image). The color will appear in the Current Color section above the Color Wheel.
  2. Tap-drag the color from there to the Swatches area.

Color Palettes in Sketchbook Pro for desktop

There are multiple color palettes in Sketchbook, including the Color Editor Swatches and the Color Puck Color Palettes.

**Due to licensing restrictions, the Copic Color library has been removed from the latest version of Sketchbook.

Color Editor Swatches

Customizing the Color Editor

This color palette comes with a standard set of default color swatches. Custom swatches can be added. Swatches can also be overwritten. There is a preference to reset all swatches to their defaults.

Accessing the Color Editor Swatches

Open the Color Editor by doing any of the following:

  • In the lagoon, tap Open Color Editor icon.
  • Select WindowColor Editor.
  • In the toolbar, tap Color Editor icon.

NOTE: If the swatches aren't visible, drag the bottom of the editor down to expose them.

Color Puck Color Palette and Gradient Palette

When a solid fill is selected from the Fill toolbar, and you’re in the Color Puck, the Color Palette is available. It contains color swatches. If you want to save a color you’ve used, tap-drag the color swatch onto a swatch within the palette below.

NOTE: The new color swatch will replace the one it’s dropped onto.

Accessing the Color Puck palette

Creating a color swatch

Tap the Color Puck, then tap Open Color Palette icon to access the palette and Color Palette icon to close it.

Using the Color Palette

Quickly select a color from the palette.

  1. Tap the middle of the Color Puck to access the Color Wheel.

  2. Tap Open Color Palette icon to open the palette.

  3. To select a swatch color, tap a swatch.

Color Puck stages

Adding custom colors to the Color Puck palette

To add a new swatch to the palette, create a color with the Color Wheel, then click-drag the new color swatch onto another swatch in palette to replace it.

Creating a color swatch

Gradient Fill Palette

When a linear linear fill icon or radial radial fill icon fill is selected from the Fill toolbar, and you’re in the Color Puck, the Gradient Fill Palette is available. It contains swatches of pre-made gradient fills. If you create a fill and want to save it, tap-drag the gradient swatch to the palette below.

INFORMATION: The new gradient swatch will replace the swatch it’s dropped onto.

Gradient Fill palette Example of a new gradient swatch added to the palette

Accessing the Gradient Palette

Tap the Color Puck, then tap Open gradient puck to access the Gradient Fill Palette and Open Palette icon to close it.

Using the Gradient Fill Palette

Quickly select a gradient fill from the Gradient Palette.

  1. With the Flood Fill tool selected, select a gradient fill from the Flood Fill toolbar.

Flood Fill toolbar

  1. Click-drag to place the fill.

Create gradient fill

  1. Do either of the following:
  • To change the color of a manipulator, double-click the manipulator and select another color from the Color Wheel.

    Change gradient fill Additional gradient fill change Final gradient fill change

  • To select a different gradient fill, double-click a manipulator and select another gradient fill from the Gradient Palette.

    Final gradient fill changeChange gradient fillNew gradient fill

Color Palettes in Sketchbook for mobile devices

Sketchbook version 5.2 on iOS, and 5.3 on Android introduced a new, more robust color palette system.

Color sets are groups of customizable color palettes. A set contains 12 palettes that can each store up to 60 individual color swatches.

Color Sets can be accessed from the tab interface in the Color Wheel or by toggling to the full view by tapping on the Color Set icon at the top right of the Color Editor.

Customizing your swatches

To customize, drag and drop from any of the swatches on the top of the Color Editor (current color, previous color, complementary color, or a swatch from the color history).  Drag it over an existing swatch to replace it or append a new color to the end position of the palette.


  • The Color Wheel view with the palette tab is ideal for selecting which palette and dragging in colors.
  • Deleting swatches from a palette is available in the full Color Set view.
  • Renaming individual palettes is available in the full Color Set View.

TIP: When you have multiple sets, use the arrow keys on the full Color Set view to move to next or previous color sets quickly.

Color Set Library

Tap on the Library icon to manage all the Color Sets, or to create new ones.

In the Library, you can create new blank color sets or use a preset as a starting point.  You can create up to a maximum of 50 distinct color sets.

Each set can be renamed, duplicated, deleted or re-ordered.