Resizing images

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If you are looking to resize images, this article should be useful. 

For more information on changing canvas and resolution, check out this article: Setting the maximum canvas size for printing 

Resizing an image in Sketchbook Pro for desktop

Use Image > Image size to change the dimensions of the image in pixels, its resolution, or the document size.

This change directly affects memory usage, quadrupling it if you double the pixel size. Due to memory requirements, there is a 8192 x 8192-pixel upper limit on image size for the 64-bit version.

Resizing an image


  1. In the toolbar, select Image > Image size.
  2. In the Image Sizewindow, do any of the following:
    • To change the pixel size of the image, in Pixel Dimensions, choose between pixels or percent, then enter a numeric value for Width and Height.
    • To change the file size, in Document Size, choose the units (percent, pixels, inches, cm, or mm), then enter a numeric value for Width and Height.
    • To change the resolution of the image (leaving the document size the same, but increasing the quality of the image and resolution), in Resolution, choose from pixels/inch, pixels/cm, or pixels/mm.
  3. Tap OK.

CAUTION: Increasing the resolution increases the memory size of your file.

Resizing an image in Sketchbook for mobile devices

On mobile there is no specific image resizing tool as in the desktop version. To resize an image use Transform‍ and with two fingers, pinch or expand. See gestures‍.