Tools in Sketchbook

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We have an assortment of sketching tools to help you create your image. The version of Sketchbook you are running will determine the tools and location of these tools. In most versions, the main repository for tools is the toolbar.

Using tools

When a tool is active, the icon is highlighted blue. 

Toolbar showing Symmetry selected

Using multiple tools

Some tools in Sketchbook can be used in combination with others. When you see a tool icon outlined in blue (not all blue), it means two tools are active. The outlined tool is the secondary tool. 

For an example of two active tools, let’s say you are working in Symmetry, and want to draw a straight line. Select Guides, then Ruler. Notice how Symmetry is still outlined in blue, it is now the secondary tool. Notice how Guides is full blue? It’s the active tool.

Tolbar showing Guides and Symmetry as secondary tool

Exiting a tool

Now, what happens when you’re finished with one tool, but not the other? Easy – tap on the tool you’re finished with, say Symmetry

This makes it active (full blue). Tap it again to exit from the tool. Notice it no long has a blue outline. Now, Ruler is the only active tool (full blue).

Toolbar showing Symmetry selected

Tools in Sketchbook Pro for desktop

There are fill, guide, symmetry, and text tools, as well as cropping, transform, distort, perspective, drawing, and stroke tools. There are also an assortment of editing tools.

The toolbar in the subscription version of Sketchbook Pro Desktop

Tool selection

Pick a tool using one of the following methods:

  • Tap a tool the toolbar to select it. Some tools have a contextual secondary toolbar containing additional tools1655853588227-secondary_toolbar.png
  • Use the marking menus – right-click and flick toward an icon to select it.


Pen Mode

When Pen Mode  is enabled, only your stylus will make marks on the canvas, you will not be able to draw with touch. This can be useful to people using a 2-in-1 computer, or a tablet PC, who may rest their hand on the screen and wish to avoid inadvertent marks on the canvas. When Pen Mode is on, you can still interact with the palettes and menus using touch, but the canvas will not recognize touch.

Tools in Sketchbook for mobile devices

The version of Sketchbook you are running and device determine the tools and location of these tools.

For tablet users

All your tools are in the main toolbar. You will also find selection, symmetry, shapes, fill‍, transforms‍, text, image import, and guide tools.‍ 


For handheld device users

All your tools are found under Tools icon (the Tools menu). Tap Tools icon in the toolbar to choose for a collection of tools for helping you build your sketch. You will also find selection, symmetry, shapes, fill‍, transforms‍, text, image import, guide tools and time-lapse record.‍ 

Sketchbook mobile tools