Renaming layers

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Whenever you create or duplicate a layer, Sketchbook creates a default name for the new layer. If you typically use just a few layers, layer naming might not be a high priority. 

However if you're working on a project with a huge library of layers, you will appreciate the importance of layer naming, grouping layers, and use of visual organization‍. If you rename layers, you can easily identify and keep track of them.

Renaming a layer in Sketchbook Pro for desktop

To rename a layer:

  1. In the Layer Editor, select the layer.
  2. Do either of the following:
  • tap-hold 1665084026712-lagoon-1.png, flick to the right to Rename icon, and change the name.

    Rename layers in Sketchbook Pro

  • or tap menu icon and select Rename.


Renaming a layer in Sketchbook for mobile devices

  1. In the Layer Editor‍, double-tap the layer you want to rename to open the Layer Menu
  2. At the top of the Layer Menu, tap the name field to edit it

  3. Tap Done to complete the name change