Merging layers

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When finished with the layer content on a couple layers, you can merge layers, using one of the merge tools to combine them.

There are two merge tools:

  • Merge with below takes the selected layer and combines it with the layer below.
  • Merge all layers combines all your layers. Use these to free up layers for creating other content.

People using the free version will find this feature extremely useful, since they are limited to 3 layers. Use either of the merge tools to combine two or more layers. If you have reached your layer limit, merging is the way to free up a layer or two.

Merging layers in Sketchbook Pro for desktop

Merge with below

Merge with below icon in the Sketchbook radial marking menu

Combine two layers into one.

Tap the upper layer and flick toward Merge with below icon in Sketchbook to merge it with the one below or press Cmd+E for Mac or Ctrl+E for Windows.

Merge all layers

Merge All icon in the Sketchbook radial marking menu

Combine all layers to create a project with one layer.

  • Flick toward Merge all layers icon in Sketchbook to merge them, even hidden (which become visible) or locked ones.
  • Unhide all layers to be merged. Hidden layers will be lost.

Merging layers in Sketchbook for mobile devices

  1. In the Layer Editor‍, tap a layer to select it.

Ensure the layer to be merged is above the one it will be merged with. If it isn’t, reposition it. See Reordering layers.

  1. Double-tap a layer to access the Layer Editor marking menu‍.

Merging layers in the handheld version of Sketchbook

  1. Tap Merge icon to merge two layers or Merge All icon  to merge all.
  2. Then, tap OK.

Merged layers in Sketchbook for Mobile