Duplicating layers

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For things on a layer you’d like more of, use Duplicate to duplicate layers, creating a copy of the content and add it to new layers. If you’ve created a stuffed animal and need a shelf filled with them, this is your tool. You can even use it in combination with Merge.

Duplicating only specific content: If you are looking to duplicate only part of the content in a layer, to do this, use the Quick Selection tools, Copy, and Paste. A new layer is created for the selected, copied, and pasted content. At any point, if you want the content on the same layer as the original, you can merge the layers.

Duplicating a layer in Sketchbook Pro for desktop

Do either:

  • select the layer and tap-hold Radial marking menu and flick Duplicate Layer icon in Sketchbook.

Duplicate layers in the Sketchbook Pro layers marking menu

  • for Pro subscribers, besides using the layer marking menu, you can also tap Layer menu icon in Sketchbook and select Duplicate.

Layer menu icon in Sketchbook

Duplicating a layer in Sketchbook for mobile devices

  1. In the Layer Editor, tap a layer to select it.

  2. Double-tap the layer you want to duplicate to access the Layer menu.

  3. Then, tap Duplicate icon. A duplicated layer is created and becomes the active layer.