Introduction to the Layer Menu

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The Layer Menu contains an assortment of layer tools, which may vary depending on the version of Sketchbook you're using. Some of these tools are also available as Layer Editor icons or in a layer marking menu.

The Layer Menu in Sketchbook Pro for desktop

When you’re in the Layer Editor, tap 1665118219910-layer-editor-menu.png to access the menu of layer tools for creating a layer, adding an image (import), grouping, duplicating, renaming, locking, deleting, and merging layers. Also, if you've been using the Text tool, you'll find an option for rasterizing the text.


The Layer Menu in Sketchbook for mobile devices

When you’re in the Layer Editor, double-tap any layer to access the menu. This contains a  list layer tools. Cut, copy, paste, duplicate, clear, merge, and delete are all found here.

Grouping layers‍ is available with the Premium Bundle.

Use the slider for changing opacity. Set blend modes. Assign a color to help identify layers. Below these are Lock Layer‍, HSL Adjustment‍, and Color Balance‍.