Importing brush icons

The device you are using, as well as the version of Sketchbook you are running, will determine whether you can create custom brush icons.

IMPORTANT: Sketchbook doesn't currently support the importing of brush icons on mobile devices.

Custom icons cannot be assigned to default brushes.

You can also create a brush icon by capturing the stamp of a brush, if this functionality is supported in your version of Sketchbook. In Brush Properties > Advanced tab, scroll down to Texture and capture the texture stamp.

Here are some things to know when creating brush icons:

  • Recommended size: 40 x 40 for LD and 80 x 80 for HD.
    • If the image size is larger than the recommended, it will be scaled down to the recommended.
    • If the image size is smaller than the recommended, its size won’t change.
  • Supported image format: PNG, JPG, or TIFF.

Importing brush icons in Sketchbook Pro for desktop

Once you have created an icon (see the recommended size and format above), the next step is assigning it to a brush.

  1. With a brush selected, tap Brush Properties icon to open Brush Properties.
  2. Tap the icon next to the brush name to open a menu of icons.

Import a custom brush icon

  1. Select Import…

Only PNG, JPG, and TIFF images can be imported as brush icons.

  1. In the dialog that appears, locate and select the icons you want to bring into Sketchbook, then tap Open.