Brushes in Sketchbook

There are a huge assortment of brushes with Sketchbook, some pressure-sensitive, others with textures, some glows, splatter, and much more.

Sketchbook "brushes" include not only actual brushes, but also erasers‍, markers, pens, and pencils.  The device and version of Sketchbook you're using will determine where your brushes are.

In most versions, you will find a default set of brushes in the Brush Palette‍, along the left side of the screen. If you have a smaller handheld device, your brushes will be in the Brushes menu.

When editing brushes, use the Brush Editor‍, Brush Puck‍, or Double Puck, or Brush Property sliders found along the side of the Brush Palette‍.

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