There are an assortment of erasers in Sketchbook. You can find them in various brush packs in the Brush Library.There are a hard Hard eraser icon and a  soft Soft eraser icon eraser in the Classic brush set.

For mobile users, tap Brush Library icon and scroll through the Brush Library to find different erasers.

For tablet users, if the erasers aren't visible in the palette, tap-drag up or down within the palette to expose them.

Exposing more brushes in the Brush Palette

Creating an eraser pack

If you want all the erasers in one place, create an eraser pack.

  1. Follow the instructions in Creating a new brush set to create a new brush set.
  2. Follow the steps in Renaming brushes and brush sets‍ to rename the pack.
  3. To add erasers to the pack, do one of two things:
  • If you don’t want to remove the selected eraser from its current set, make a duplicate using Copy Brush (found in the Brush Library marking menu). Once you have a copy, drag it to the new set.
  • Drag an eraser directly into the brush pack. This removes the eraser from its original pack and moves it to the new pack.

Created Eraser pack

Convert a brush to an eraser

If you have a favorite brush and want an eraser just like it:

  1. in the Brush Library‍, use the marking menu to duplicate the brush
  2. open the duplicated brush's Brush Properties‍ 
  3. from the drop-down menu just underneath the brush name, change the brush type to Eraser

Erase with Transparent Color

You can turn any brush into an eraser by using Transparent Color‍.

Modifying an eraser

To make changes to an existing eraser, do the following:

  1. select the eraser you want to modify and access Brush Properties‍ 
  2. Edit the eraser, then close the Brush Properties and continue drawing.