Creating a new brush set

If you have created a bunch of brushes, create a new brush set to help organize them. The new set will appear below the current active brush set in the Brush Library. From there, why not load the set into your Brush Palette to make them even more accessible.

IMPORTANT: Sketchbook for mobile doesn’t currently support brush set creation.

Creating a new brush set in Sketchbook Pro for desktop

  1. To create a brush set, in the Brush Library, tap a brush set.

Brush Palette and icon to open Brush Library Brush Library - use the marking menu to access the option, New Brush Set

  1. Tap-hold Marking menu icon and select New Brush Set New Brush Set.

Tap-hold marking menu icon in Sketchbook and select New Brush Set

  1. Tap-hold a brush to select it.
  2. Drag the brush into the set to populate it.

INFORMATION: If you don’t want to remove the selected brush from its current set, you can duplicate the brush, using Copy Brush (found in the Library marking menu). Once you have a copy, drag it to the new set.

Renaming a brush set

Once you’ve created a brush set, you may want to assign a name that better describes its contents.

Tap the set name to make it editable, then enter a new name, and press the Enter key.

Renaming a brush set in Sketchbook