Get the Premium Bundle

For people who want to take their creativity even further, the Premium Bundle unlocks advanced features for brush creation, color management, layer management and more. 

The Premium Bundle is available as a one-time in-app purchase (not a subscription) starting with Sketchbook 6. More features and updates will continue to be added to the Premium Bundle in the future! 

How to purchase

To purchase the Premium Bundle from inside Sketchbook go to the canvas menu > Upgrade to Premium.

How to activate a purchase you made in the App Store or on another device

On Android: 

Your Android device will automatically recognize your purchase. If you don't see the new features appear in Sketchbook, close the app entirely and relaunch and they will appear. 

On iOS:

To apply your purchase, go to Preferences‍ and scroll down to the In-app Purchase section. Tap on "Restore" to unlock Premium on the additional device(s). This will also work to restore your purchase if you offload and reinstall Sketchbook.

NOTE: A purchase of the Premium Bundle on iOS cannot be unlocked on Android, nor can an Android purchase be unlocked on an iOS device. 

What's included

Brush creation and management

Canvas management

  • Resize your canvas‍ or Image‍ 
  • Set canvas size in inches or centimeters
  • Set canvas resolution in px/inch or px/cm

Custom color management

Layer management and blend modes

Document creation

  • Export sketches or entire albums to PDF