Free brushes ("Extras")

ALERT: Free brushes can not be installed on iOS or Android versions.

Extra brushes can  be installed on Sketchbook Pro for desktop (Mac and Windows) and Sketchbook for Windows 10.

You can download additional free brushes below‍ ! However, before you do, there are some key points you should keep in mind:

  • You can only install the free brushes on on Sketchbook Pro for desktop (Mac and Windows version 8.x or higher) and Sketchbook for Windows 10.
  • The free brushes will not install on the mobile versions of Sketchbook.
  • If you download the brushes and they aren't automatically installed, you can manually import the brush set. Check out the next section.

Manually installing a brush set

  1. In either Sketchbook Pro for desktop or Windows 10 version of Sketchbook, tap Brush Library icon to open the Brush Library.
  2. Tap the upper right corner of a brush set to access its marking menu.
  3. Select Import Brush Set icon in SketchbookImport Brush Set.
  4. Locate the downloaded brushes (usually in your Downloads folder). Though the files are in .zip format, there is no need to extract them.
  5. Tap Open.

Windows 10 users - Issues importing the free brush .zip files

If you are using the Windows 10 version of Sketchbook, you might be having issues with importing the free brushes. The .zip format is an issue when using the Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer browser to download the free brushes. To correct this issue, use a different browser, such as Google Chrome. The zipped file will download correctly and you will have .skbrushes format files.

NOTE: The zipped files can be imported into the Desktop version of Sketchbook Pro without extracting.

Free extra Brush sets

Shout-out to Reddit user jrush2klb who let us know he posted a Mega Set of Sketchbook brushes for bulk download - find it here: