Why do I have to allow Sketchbook access my photos, media, and files?

When you download Sketchbook, a dialog appears asking to allow access to your photos, media, and files. We get people asking why we need access to these a lot, and for good reason. Who wants to give access to content on their phone?

Here's what we are accessing and why:

  • Photos - When you want to use images from your device for Importing images‍, the app needs to access your photos to import them into the app.

  • Media - When you want to use the Scan sketches‍ tool, the app needs to access to your camera to take a picture of what you want scanned.

  • Files - When you save or retrieve your sketches or other images from your device, the app needs to access your files to locate the image or be able to navigate your file structure to save the image where you want.

We hope this helps to explain why we do this and puts you a bit more at ease.