Can I bring Photoshop art into Sketchbook?

Yes!  Sketchbook supports import‍ and export of PSD files on all platforms - Android, iOS, Mac and Windows. Layers, layer groups, layer names, and most blend modes will be preserved.

There are a few limitations when exporting or saving a Sketchbook file to the PSD file format.

  • Text layers will be rasterized and no longer editable by a text editor
  • Glow blend modes (Glow and Soft Glow), and Alpha Mask/Inverse Alpha Mask which are specific to Sketchbook will revert to Normal
  • Background layer color will revert to white if it has been changed to another color. The background color layer is dropped to avoid a conflict with the background layer of a native PSD file.

The native file format of Sketchbook and Sketchbook Pro is TIFF. If the above features are necessary to preserve, you should save your file as TIFF.