Accessing files saved to iCloud

If you have a previous version of Sketchbook on iOS from Autodesk and had saved your files to iCloud Drive, when you update to version 5.2 you will no longer see these files in your Gallery.

Don't panic! Your files are still available in your iCloud Drive.

The Sketchbook app for iOS was transferred from Autodesk’s developer account to the Sketchbook, Inc. account as part of Sketchbook’s spin out. One result of this transfer is that we are no longer able to directly connect the Sketchbook Gallery with the previous SketchBook folder on iCloud. Though your account stays the same and your data is still there, the connection between the app and the account is tied to the developer.

We can no longer directly populate the Gallery with those files, but we have introduced new workflows using the iOS native File browser that will provide open and save access to this data.

To access files previously saved to iCloud:

  1. Tap Info Settings, then Files 1632114006330-files.png
  2. If the canvas you were working on had not been saved, you will see a "Sketch Updated" prompt. You can save your canvas to the Gallery, save to the Gallery as a copy, or choose not to save
  3. The native iOS Files browser will come up
  4. Browse to iCloud Drive
  5. Locate the SketchBook folder
  6. Select the file you wish to bring into Sketchbook 


Via the web:

go to and look for the SketchBook folder. Your saved work is there.