Resizing brushes

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Change the size of a brush to make it smaller for adding detail or larger for quick coverage of a large area.

Resizing brushes in Sketchbook Pro for desktop

  1. In the Brush Palette‍, select the brush you want to resize.
  2. Tap the Basic tab (if there are two tabs) and drag the Size slider.

Resizing brushes in Sketchbook for mobile devices

How to resize a brush is slightly different depending on the version you're using and the platform you're on. The fastest way is to use the sliders or Brush Puck‍.

Resizing a brush using sliders

  1. In the Brush Palette, tap any brush to select it. Sliders appear beside the palette for changing size or hardness/size and opacity or opacity/flow.
  2. Tap-drag them up or down. An on-screen display appears, indicating the new numeric values for the changed brush property.

Resizing a brush using Brush Settings

You can also change the size of your brush with Brush Properties ‍ 

  1. Open Brush Properties ‍ 
  2. Tap the Basic tab (if there are two tabs) and drag the Size slider

Resizing a brush on a handheld device

If you are on a handheld phone device, use the Double Puck to resize your brush.