Resetting preferences

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Resetting preferences will restore your preferences to the defaults, and any customizations you have made will be removed.

Before resetting preferences, we recommend you back up your work and any custom brushes and colors.

If you need to find your preferences files on your computer or device, jump to locating preferences files.

Resetting preferences in Sketchbook Pro for desktop

If you want to reset your hotkey assignments for individual tools or all of them, see Resetting hotkeys‍. If you want to reset your brush icons, see Resetting brush icons.

Resetting the Lagoon

You can reset the Lagoon to the factory default tools and marking menus.

  • For Windows users, select Edit > Preferences > the Lagoon tab, tap Reset.
  • For Mac users, select Sketchbook Pro > Preferences > the Lagoon tab, tap Reset.

This tab contains options for change the tools displayed in the Lagoon and marking menus in Sketchbook Pro

Resetting palettes and preferences

To reset your Color Palette, Brush Palette, or Preference settings, select the Factory Defaults tab.

Factory Default preferences in Sketchbook Pro

Resetting the Brush Palette

Resets all brushes to their original state. All custom brushes are removed.

Select Edit > Preferences > the Factory Defaults tab, for Reset Brush Palette and Library, tap Reset.

Resetting the Color Palette

Resets the Color Palette to the factory default colors. All custom swatches are removed.

Select Edit > Preferences > the Factory Defaults tab, for Reset Color Palette, tap Reset.

Resetting the Preference Settings

Resets your preferences to the factory default settings.

Select Edit > Preferences > the Factory Defaults tab, for Reset Preference Settings, tap Reset.

Resetting preferences in Sketchbook for mobile devices

You can reset preferences to revert your all color swatches, all brushes, and all your preferences, or  reset individual brushes‍ and brush textures.

Resetting to Factory Defaults

Use the Factory Defaults to reset all your color swatches and brushes to their original state. If you don’t want to restore all the brushes, you can reset individual ones.

  1. To access your preferences, tap Info Settings icon and select PreferencesPreferences.
  2. Tap the Reset Color Swatches to change your color swatches back to their original state.

NOTE: For tablet users, before using Reset Color Swatches, keep in mind, it resets the Color Palette.

Resetting a Texture brush

At any point, you can reset a Texture brush to its default settings. This will change the current brush texture to the original one.

At the bottom of the library, tap Reset to default.

Locating preferences files

If you need to find your preferences files for backup or troubleshooting, the information below should help you find it on your device. 

Preferences file on Android

To locate your preferences file, go your your Android Files (it may be called My Files or something similar depending on your device manufacturer)

  •     Tap to go into Internal Storage
  •     Tap on the Autodesk folder
  •     Tap on the SketchBook3 folder
  •     Look for the Preference folder

Preferences file on iOS

It is not possible to access the Sketchbook preferences file on iOS.

Preferences file on Mac

Open Finder.  Hold the Option key when you click on Menu > Go to make hidden folders viewable. Select Library.

Preferences are stored in the following location:

Library/Containers/Sketchbook Pro/Data/Library/Application Support/Sketchbook, Inc/Sketchbook Pro/9.0/ to find your preferences files.

Preferences file on Windows

This is the location of Preferences for Sketchbook Pro 8.8 and above. If you are using an older version of Autodesk SketchBook, your preference file may be in a different folder.

First enable viewing Hidden Files in Explorer:

Preferences are stored in the following location:

c:\Users[user_name]\AppData\Local\Packages\Sketchbook.SketchbookPro_k9x4nk31cvt0g\LocalCache\Roaming\Sketchbook, Inc\9.0