Backing up preferences

Backing up your preferences will help you in case of setting up Sketchbook on a new computer, or in cases when you experience a computer crash or loss, or a corrupted preferences file that cannot be recovered. 

This will preserve your custom brushes, colors, and settings so that they can be restored if needed.

Backing up preferences in Sketchbook Pro on desktop

On Mac, preferences can be accessed in Menu > Sketchbook Pro > Preferences.
On Windows, it is located in Menu > Edit > Preferences.

Navigate to the last tab: Factory Defaults

Choose Create a Preferences backup

Backing up preferences in Sketchbook on mobile devices

Available in Sketchbook 6 for iOS and coming soon on Android

  1. Tap  Menu and select Preferences Preferences
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen to the Sketchbook Data section
  3. at Export Preferences, tap Create
  4. the File browser will open, navigate to where you want to save your backup, and tap Save



A preferences backup from Sketchbook on mobile will not restore to Sketchbook Pro, nor will Sketchbook Pro preferences load into Sketchbook on mobile.