Crashes on open - Android

Sketchbook is crashing when I open it 

If Sketchbook on your Android device crashes as soon as you open it, there are a couple of possible causes and things that you can try to fix it:

  1. Reset preferences
  2. Free up memory
  3. Uninstall and reinstall (ANDROID ONLY)

Free up memory

If your device is low on memory, Sketchbook may crash after opening. This problem may become more acute if you are working on a large canvas or have many layers.

You can free up memory on your device by closing apps that are running in the background. You can also free up memory by moving large media files to the cloud. However if you take this step, please make sure you do not move your Sketchbook files to the cloud or you will see an error Oops - Failed to open image‍. 

If Sketchbook is crashing after you've been using it for hours, that usually indicates your device is running out of memory. You can also see the article Crashing after long use‍. 

Uninstall and reinstall

Sometimes, something has happened to corrupt the app, resulting in crashing. You can uninstall Sketchbook and reinstall it to see if that fixes the issue.



These instructions are specifically for Android devices. iOS users should not uninstall the app, as uninstalling will delete your art. 

Reset your preferences

If your Sketchbook Preferences file has become corrupted, that can cause the the app to crash on start. Resetting preferences will fix this problem because a new preferences file will replace the old, corrupted version.

The downside to resetting your preferences is that you will reset your customizations back to the default. If you are hesitant to take this step, you might try one of the other options first.

Follow these steps to delete and reset preferences:

On Sketchbook version 5.3.0 and later:

  1. Uninstall and reinstall the app, or clear the app's data in Settings > Apps > Sketchbook > Storage > Clear app data. This will not delete your art files, but it will delete your preferences and your Gallery organization.
  2. Relaunch Sketchbook - the app will start and run you through the process of setting your Gallery back up

On Sketchbook version 5.2.5 and earlier: 

  1. Go to your Android Files (it may be called My Files or something similar, depending on your device manufacturer)
  2. Tap to go into Internal Storage
  3. Tap on Autodesk folder
  4. Tap on SketchBook3 folder. Here you will see multiple app folders and all the SketchBook Tiff files
  5. Look for the Preferences folder. Tap and hold to show options 
  6. Tap DELETE
  7. Confirm by tapping MOVE TO TRASH

After completing these steps, you can relaunch Sketchbook. The app will generate a new, fresh Preference folder to replace the one that was removed.