Internet connection error message

If you are using Autodesk SketchBook on Mac or Windows desktop and you go to update or access "Extras", you might get the following error message:

Something is wrong with the internet connection; please check your internet connection and try again

After Autodesk spun out Sketchbook to us, the server that held "Extras" and updates was shut down. The error message appears because the older Autodesk versions of Sketchbook can't find this server.

You can continue to use your Autodesk SketchBook product for as long as you wish, but no future updates will be released by Autodesk. If you want to get updates some time in the future you will need to get our version of Sketchbook from the Mac App Store, or the Windows Store. 

As for "Extras", we have made them available to download from this article page Free brushes ("Extras")‍.