Crashing after long use

Sketchbook crashes after I've been using it for hours

If you have been using Sketchbook for hours and it crashes, your device may be running out of memory. 

If you're about to say, "that's not mine, it has tons of memory", you might need to look a bit closer. Devices with too many apps, videos, music, and/or images saved to them can run out of usable memory. Apps running in the background can also affect performance. 

We recommend closing unnecessary background apps. You should find Sketchbook - and your other apps - running better.

As for working for hours, save your work, and often

Working for hours really puts a strain on your device. Performance will start to degrade as a result. 

If you are noticing glitches, use save current sketch as a copy. ‍Glitches usually indicate that your device is running low on usable memory, so save your work, then try to free up usable memory.

If Sketchbook is crashing immediately after launch, that indicates a different problem. Check out the article Sketchbook crashing on open