Surface Pro X - x64 emulation known issues

ARM-based computers have generally not been able to install or run x64 applications like Sketchbook Pro. But with Windows 11, Microsoft introduced emulation for x64 on ARM processors, in particular, for the Surface Pro X.

Sketchbook Pro does work on this device, but there are a few known limitations. Further testing may reveal more. 

1. Rotate Canvas is not supported on this device.

When launching Sketchbook Pro on this device, Sketchbook will display a warning message: “The video driver may not be installed correctly, canvas rotate is not supported” 

Once dismissed, Sketchbook Pro will launch.

There is no solution or workaround, as the rendering functionality that enables Rotate Canvas is not supported by the processor. 

The message will appear each time the app is launched unless you go into Sketchbook Pro Preferences and disable the Rotate Canvas feature.

2. Image Adjust features are slower to complete

When applying Image Adjust on layers, results take significantly longer to update than on x64 devices. Users will see a spinner until the effect is applied.

Save/Open and other processes appear to complete at normal rates.