Using Gallery folders

NOTE: Gallery Albums are only available on Sketchbook for mobile devices.

Gallery folders are called Albums.

Albums can be seen clearly in small thumbnail view. Switch to small thumbnail view by tapping the  icon, by tapping the Album name in the upper left corner, or by pinch-zooming out.

Along the top of the screen you will see your Albums listed. When you select an Album, the sketches in that Album appear below, in the main part of the screen.

Folders in the mobile version of Sketchbook

Album menu

(the Album menu is available in Sketchbook 6)

Tap Create or Add a folder in the mobile version of Sketchbook to open the Album menu.

This is where you can:

  • create a new Album
  • Export an entire album as individual TIFF files
  • Create a multi-page PDF‍ from an album (unlock this option with the Premium Bundle)‍
  • Delete the Album (WARNING: this cannot be undone) 

Renaming an Album

To rename an Album, tap the name under the album thumbnail, and enter the new name.

Organize sketches into Albums

Tap Select to enter selection mode. The bar across the bottom of the Gallery view will turn blue. Tap all the thumbnails you want to select, and then tap Move To in the blue bar. The thumbnails will collapse into a single thumbnail - you can drag this to any other album in the top bar.

You can also long-press any single sketch until it enters the selected state, then drag it to another album.

To exit the Select state, tap Select again. Note the blue bar will go away.

Deleting an Album



When you delete an Album it and all its contents are permanently deleted. There is no way to recover the deleted content.

For Android users

  1. To delete an Album, tap-hold the Album until Delete appears in the toolbar below.
  2. Tap Delete icon in the mobile version of Sketchbook to delete the Album.
  3. Tap Yes to delete or Cancel to cancel.

For iOS users

  1. To delete an Album, Tap  to open the Album menu.
  2. Tap Delete icon in the mobile version of Sketchbook Delete Album to delete the selected folder. A warning appears to ensure you don’t delete something accidentally.
  3. Tap Yes to delete the folder.

Deleting sketches within a folder

  1. To delete one or more sketches, tap Select, then the sketch or sketches from the Gallery or from within a folder.
  2. Tap  and select Delete icon in the mobile version of SketchbookDelete. The sketch appears in the Trash folder.

The Trash folder

The Trash folder houses all sketches you’ve initially deleted from the Gallery. When you delete a sketch, this is where is goes. However, if you ever mistakenly delete something, you can get it back with Restore selected sketch.

When you tap the Trash folder, thumbnails of its content appear. At this point, you can do any of the following:

  • Tap a sketch, Remove from trash icon, then Restore selected sketch to remove the sketch from Trash and return it to where it was before.
  • Tap a sketch, Delete icon in the mobile version of Sketchbook, then Delete selected sketch to permanently delete it from Trash and the app.
  • Tap a sketch, Delete icon in the mobile version of Sketchbook, then Empty trash iconEmpty Trash to permanently delete the contents of Trash and the app.
  • Tap Settings icon in the lower right corner to set how many files are kept in Trash at any one time. If the number of sketches exceeds this number, the first sketches will be permanently deleted.