Exporting PDF files from the Gallery

PDF Export  allows exporting canvases in the Gallery to pages in a PDF document. This feature is included with the Premium Bundle in-app purchase available starting with Sketchbook version 6.

PDF export is done from the Gallery.

Export selected canvases

Selecting a canvas in the Gallery‍ large thumbnail view will display the PDF Export option in the Gallery menu.

Export an entire Album

Switch to small thumbnail view and tap on the header to show your Albums. You can export any selected album to PDF from the Album menu on the right side.

Setting PDF quality and page size

During the export process you will be prompted to select your PDF details.


Select good, better or best quality settings. The higher the quality, the larger the PDF size will be.

Page size

Define the page size of the document. Fit to image(s) will use the size of each individual canvas for each page in the PDF

Standard A4 and Letter size orientations are available as quick selections.


You can also select ‘custom’ to define a specific page size. Selecting the custom option presents the canvas size dialog, allowing you to enter values or select from a stored size from the Preset tab.

Generating the PDF

After set up, a progress dialog will appear while the PDF is being created.

Exporting the PDF

Once the processing is complete, you will be prompted to select a the destination to save the PDF using the Share dialog.