Maximum layers and canvas size on mobile

Did you download Sketchbook for your mobile device and want to know how many layers you have or how large your canvas can be? Well, it’s all up to your device. Your device’s specifications, version of the OS or iOS software, and available memory, determine the various combinations of layers and canvas size.

NOTE: A device filled with photos, music, video, and apps will also have less layers, due to reduced available device memory.


With the iOS mobile versions, you get "unlimited" layers. This means that Sketchbook will provide as many layers as your device can handle.

For better performance and more layers, start with a smaller canvas. This will increase the number of layers available, due to the reduced demands placed on your device by the smaller canvas.


Sample Canvas sizes Supported Android devices
1080 x 1920 11 layers
1600 x 2560 6 layers
1080 x 1920 11 layers
2048 x 1556 11 layers
2830 x 2830 3 layers

NOTE: The larger the canvas size, the less available layers.