Android: Transferring images from one device to another

For Android users who just got a new device, you may need to transfer images from the old device to the new one. 

  1. On your older device open the My Files app

    If the device has Sketchbook version 5.3 or later, navigate to
    Internal Storage > Pictures > Sketchbook Gallery

    If your older device has Sketchbook version 5.2.5 or earlier, navigate to the folder Internal Storage > Autodesk > SketchBook3

    All your images are saved as TIFF files within that folder. They will have long, alphanumeric filenames.

    Copy all these TIFF files to a cloud drive or SD card that you can use to move them to the new device.



    Do not copy any of the other files or folders, only copy the TIFF files. These are your Sketchbook art data files. Copying any other files or folders to the new device could cause serious issues with the app.

  2. Install Sketchbook on the new device. You much launch the app at least once so that it creates the correct folders for you to copy your files into.

    Navigate to Internal Storage > Pictures > Sketchbook Gallery and copy the files from your SD card or cloud drive to this location

  3. Open Sketchbook
    -Tap the Menu button (Left most option in the top bar)
    -Tap Preferences
    -Tap "Check for Recoverable Images"

This should bring your files back into Sketchbook's Gallery in a folder called "Recovered". You can then organize your files however you like in your Gallery.