Welcome to the home page for the SketchBook for Windows 10 version! As a Windows 10 users with a SketchBook subscription, you can run two versions of SketchBook on one device! When you are looking for a multi-touch SketchBook experience, use SketchBook for Windows 10. When looking for some additional features, bring your sketch into the desktop version and continue working. This ability to jump from one version to another and back is huge! Now, let’s see what the Windows 10 version is all about.

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What makes SketchBook for Windows 10 unique?

If you have a Surface, we’ve optimized this version for touch and stylus. Hit zones are larger. We’ve added number pads to make entering values easier, as well as an assortment of multi-touch gestures. This doesn’t mean you can’t use a mouse. We’re just pretty sure you won’t want to.

Home page - full subscription interface for SketchBook for Windows 10 version

Since your device is most likely retina, so is our display. Also, your maximum canvas size will be 100K, so you can create beautiful large, highly detailed images. When working like this, the last thing you need is UI covering your image. We’ve added a bunch of features to help. Use Toggle Fullscreen (Toggle Fullscreen) to see only your image, UI Toggle (UI Toggle) to show or hide UI elements, and pucks to access editors.

We’ve harnessed your device’s processing power for unlimited undo/redo and unlimited layers! Plus, you won’t see any lag in brush performance. Did I mention the over 140 brushes or the ability to create even more custom brushes? You can assign brush types to brushes, turning an airbrush into a glowing airbrush or a skinny pencil into a skinny eraser. The possibilities are endless!

Log in to load your Pro toolset and get started.

Want to get the desktop version, as well?

For a list of features found in both the desktop and Windows 10 versions of SketchBook, check out For Windows 10 users, which version of SketchBook is for me? To download the desktop version of SketchBook and either use the free version or purchase a subscription and get the Pro toolset, click here.


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