Introduction to Layer Editor

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The Layer Editor contains all your layers and layer tools. You can add, delete, rearrange, group, and even hide layers. There are blending modes, opacity controls, layer transparency toggles, plus typical editing tools, and a default background layer that can be hidden to create an alpha channel or used to set the over-all background color of your image. The version of Sketchbook you are using will determine the tools available. When something is not available in a version, it will be noted as such.

Background layer

The Background layer is at the bottom of the Layer Editor. When hidden (tap Hiding a layer group icon to hide it), this creates an alpha channel. The Background layer can also be used to change the background color of your image.

The Layer Editor in Sketchbook Pro for desktop

You will need to open the editor to access the layers and layer tools. There are two ways to do this:

  • From the menu bar, select Window > Layer Editor.
  • From the toolbar, tap Layer Editor icon for Desktop.

Layer Editor from Sketchbook labelled

The Layer Editor in Sketchbook for mobile devices

To open the editor:

If you are on a tablet, the Layer Editor is visible by default, along the right of your screen. If you're on a handheld device using Sketchbook v.4.0 or above, tap Layer icon on mobile to access the Layer Editor.
Layer Editor from Sketchbook mobile version 4.0 or above Sketchbook mobile Layer Editor  labeled
  1. Tap to access the Color Editor
  2. Color Palette
  3. Tap to switch to the Layer Editor
  4. Tap to switch to the Color Palette
  5. Background layer
  6. Current active layer
  7. Lock Layer
  8. Show/hide layer content
  9. Add Layer
  10. Add
  11. Current layer
  12. Lock Transparency
  13. Show/Hide
  14. Background layer

The Layer Editor in Sketchbook for Windows 10

If the editor isn’t open, in the toolbar along the top, tap UI Toggle and select Layer Editor.

Layers in the Sketchbook Layer Editor labelled

  1. Add Layer
  2. Layer Opacity
  3. Lock Transparency
  4. Show/Hide Layer
  5. Clear Layer
  6. Layer Menu
  7. Blend Modes
  8. Radial menu
  9. Current layer
  10. Background layer
  11. Resize