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How to I restore SketchBook (in-app purchase)?

Administrator/ October 20, 2016/ Trials, Downloads, and Installation

00Do you want to add SketchBook to another device with the same OS? If so, follow these steps for restoring your in-app purchase. This will enable you to load the Pro features onto the other device. Keep in mind, in-app purchases made on iTunes are not transferable to Google Play and vice versa. You can also use this method if you’ve deleted the SketchBook app and reload it onto your device. In this case, you

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SketchBook Desktop: Is there a trial version on desktop?

Administrator/ October 5, 2016/ Trials, Downloads, and Installation

20 Yes, we do offer a 15 consecutive day trial of the Windows version and a 7-day trial for the Mac App Store version of SketchBook. For information on all the trial versions, see Trial version. Where can I download the Windows trial? Follow these steps to get SketchBook and check it out: 1. Tap www.sketchbook.com/desktop and scroll almost down to the bottom of the page. 2. Tap START FREE TRIAL to download the app. It will take

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SketchBook for Windows 10

Administrator/ September 26, 2016/ Feature Comparisons

01We have a new version of SketchBook to replace the Windows Tablet app on the Microsoft Windows Store. Download the new Windows 10 version here. What’s the difference between the desktop Windows version available for download on www.sketchbook.com and this new one? The desktop version It can be installed on either 32- or 64-bit Windows machines. If you have a subscription, you will run the full desktop version of SketchBook. SketchBook Windows 10 It can be installed

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