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Layers questions

Administrator/ January 31, 2017/ Common questions, Tools and features

11Do you have layer questions? Each platform of SketchBook has slightly different layer features. Some platforms only offer layers in the subscription version. Others have a limited or unlimited number of layers, depending on the version (free or subscription). Find the platform you are using to get information on its layer features: Desktop Windows 10 Mobile If you want to transfer images containing files, check out this article: How do you transfer images with

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Autodesk SketchBook v3 (Mobile): How to connect and use your stylus

Administrator/ January 10, 2017/ Stylus troubleshooting

10IMPORTANT  Pencil by FiftyThree does not support pressure-sensitivity, but does support angle control. * SketchBook for Android only supports S Pen on supported Samsung devices. * For all styluses supported and unsupported, visit the manufacturers website for the latest firmware and support news. Some manufacturers may offer their own 3rd-party SketchBook support. There are a variety of 3rd-party styluses available to consumers. Some of the most common stylus brands include: FiftyThree, Ten One,

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SketchBook Documentation for All Products

Administrator/ October 24, 2016/ What's New and System Requirements

01 View and download PDF versions of SketchBook documentation. Not all documents are available in all languages. Consultez et téléchargez la version PDF de la documentation de SketchBook. Tous les documents ne sont pas disponibles dans toutes les langues. Die SketchBook-Dokumentation kann in PDF-Format angesehen und heruntergeladen werden. Allerdings steht nicht jedes Dokument in allen Sprachen zur Verfügung. 查看和下載 PDF 版本的 SketchBook 文件。並非所有的文件都具有所有語言版本。 查看和下载 PDF 版本的 SketchBook 文件。并非所有的文件都具有所有 语言版本。 Visualizza e scarica

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How to I restore SketchBook (in-app purchase)?

Administrator/ October 20, 2016/ Trials, Downloads, and Installation

00Do you want to add SketchBook to another device with the same OS? If so, follow these steps for restoring your in-app purchase. This will enable you to load the Pro features onto the other device. Keep in mind, in-app purchases made on iTunes are not transferable to Google Play and vice versa. You can also use this method if you’ve deleted the SketchBook app and reload it onto your device. In this case, you

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How do I save and send crash logs?

Administrator/ October 14, 2016/ Troubleshooting

00Have you experienced a crash and want to save and send the crash logs to help figure out the issue? If so, tap the link for the OS that applies to you and following the instructions. iOS Android Mac Mac App Store Windows iOS On your iOS device, open your Settings and select: For iOS version 7.x General > About > Diagnostic & Usage > Diagnostic & Usage Data For iOS version 8+ Privacy > Diagnostic

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Too bright to see text when renaming a file

Administrator/ September 22, 2016/ Troubleshooting

00 For Android users When trying to rename a file, the background image in the Gallery is too bright and it is not dimmed correctly. As a result, this makes is very difficult to see the text when trying to rename the file. Solution for renaming issue: Please uninstall the following third-party Android app: Lux Auto Brightness This will correct the issue and it should look like this: And, we wanted to

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