SketchBook for Mobile: Which pens works with which devices?

Administrator/ January 16, 2017/ Feature Comparisons, Stylus troubleshooting


Supported styluses in SketchBook
If you are wondering which digital pens (styluses) are supported for use with SketchBook, check out the charts below. They break it all down for you.

For iOS

SketchBook Pro v2.x

  Supported Pens  iPad2 iPad3 iPad4  iPad mini  iPad Air
  Ten One Design Pogo                            ✓                         
  Wacom Creative Stylus  1                   ✓                         
  Adonit Jot Touch         ✓                                
  Hex3 Ja Ja         ✓                                

Autodesk SketchBook v3x

  Supported Pens iPad2 iPad3 iPad4 iPad mini iPad Air iPad Pro (9.7 & 12.9)
  Ten One Design Pogo       ✓    ✓       ✓     ✓  
  Wacom Creative Stylus 2        ✓    ✓       ✓     ✓  
  Adonit Jot Touch        ✓    ✓       ✓     ✓  
  Hex3 Ja Ja      ✓    ✓       ✓     ✓  
  Pencil 53      ✓    ✓       ✓     ✓  
  Apple Pencil                  

Check the manufacturer’s websites for more information for each stylus:

Ten One Design Pogo Connect
Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus 2

Adonit Jot Touch 4
Adonit Jot Touch Support

Hex3 JaJa Stylus
Pencil by Fifty-Three

Apple Pencil

IMPORTANT  If your Hex 3 JaJa is not working, check to see that you have the microphone enabled (a requirement of Hex Jaja).

In your iPad settings, select Privacy > Microphone, and enable access for SketchBook.

Pressure will only work with brushes that have differing Min/Max settings for Radius and/or Opacity. The pressure applied to the stylus affects the opacity of a brush stroke.

IMPORTANT  Each manufacturer’s product will deliver a differing feel and result. Realize that using a 3rd-party accessory will affect your experience with SketchBook. Due to the variety of devices, we cannot provide technical support.

Please ensure your stylus is set up as specified by the manufacturer’s documentation before launching the SketchBook. Next, in the SketchBook preferences, enable Pen Connection and select your stylus from the list.

IMPORTANT  If your tablet enters sleep mode or any app crashes and you see No Pen Connection, reinitialize your connection and restart SketchBook to continue sketching with the stylus. You will see Pen Connected.

* For more information on the Apple Pencil and Tilt in SketchBook, check out this article.

For Android

The only supported stylus is the Samsung S Pen, which comes with specific Samsung devices.