How to I restore SketchBook (in-app purchase)?

Administrator/ October 20, 2016/ Trials, Downloads, and Installation


Do you want to add SketchBook to another device with the same OS? If so, follow these steps for restoring your in-app purchase. This will enable you to load the Pro features onto the other device. Keep in mind, in-app purchases made on iTunes are not transferable to Google Play and vice versa. You can also use this method if you’ve deleted the SketchBook app and reload it onto your device. In this case, you will also need to restore your in-app purchase to load the Pro features.
First, you will need to ensure the purchase appears in your purchase history. Once you can confirm that, you’re ready to restore your in-app purchase.

NOTE  This applies to version 3 and up of SketchBook.

If you want the Pro SketchBook features on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows, get them with a SketchBook subscription. Subscribing entitles you to the Pro features on Desktop (Mac/Windows) and Mobile devices.

Checking your purchase history

NOTE  You can also use this method to find your SketchBook 6.x (Mac desktop) version purchased through iTunes.

For iTunes users, follow these instructions. Here is a video to also help guide you through this.

For Google Play users, follow these instructions. Here is a video to also help guide you through this.

How to restore your SketchBook in-app purchase

If you made an in-app purchase in SketchBook, you can apply it to another device, as long as it has the same mobile operating system. All you need to do is restore your purchase.

1. Download SketchBook from Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

2. Ensure you’re logged in as the same user who originally bought the software.

3. Open SketchBook and select File icon in the SketchBook for mobile version >  Store icon in the SketchBook for mobile version Store and the Restore link.

Restore link in SketchBook Mobile

  • For a video demo for an iOS device, click here.
  • For a video demo for an Android device, click here.

4. In the app’s tools, tap Tools icon. There should be 9 tools. If there are only 8, you have an older version of Android (not 4.3 or higher). Click here for an app store description on Google Play store and here for a comprehensive list of SketchBook Mobile features.

Tools menu in SketchBook Mobile