Getting updates

Administrator/ January 16, 2017/ What's New and System Requirements


Getting updates for SketchBook

As a SketchBook user, if you have a Pro subscription, you are entitled to updates. How can you find out if there’s an update? You can visit Tap this link to download the latest version of SketchBook. Check out the video below for step-by-step instructions for updating your app.

Searching for updates with auto-notification

When you launch SketchBook, the app will periodically look to see if there’s an update.

NOTE If you’re a Mac App Store user, the app store does this for you.

In both cases, if an update exists, a message appears letting you know.

Using the manual process

Manual method for getting updates
Created by Mark Rozhall with SketchBook

You can manually check for updates by selecting Help > Check For Updates. A dialog opens and does a search.

If an update exists, a message appears letting you know. Tap Download to get to the SketchBook download page. Select the version that’s right for you. System requirements are listed, so you can confirm that the update can run on your machine.