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Backup your SketchBook mobile app & sketches

Administrator/ January 1, 2017/ Saving and Backing Up

00Do you want to backup your iOS or Google Play mobile SketchBook app? If so, please review Backing up my apps. Did you create a whole bunch of sketches in SketchBook Pro or SketchBook Mobile version 2x? Did you downloaded the latest version of SketchBook and now those images aren’t in the new Gallery? Check out Why don’t I see my drawings, to find out why and what to do. Do you want to backup the sketches you’ve

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SketchBook (Win/Mac/Mobile): How to transfer images with layers

Administrator/ December 11, 2016/ Saving and Backing Up

11This articles explains how to move images from one device to another, whether from desktop to mobile, mobile to mobile, or mobile to desktop, while preserving the image’s layer structure. Use this when starting a sketch on one platform, then transferring the sketch to another platform to continue sketching without collapsing your layer structure during the transfer. Due to differences in supported canvas sizes and number of supported layers across the various mobile

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SketchBook Desktop: Backing up your settings before resetting them

Administrator/ October 17, 2016/ Saving and Backing Up

10If you are thinking of or need to reset SketchBook to its default settings, we recommend backing up your work, first. Click here for instructions on a Mac and here for instructions on Windows. If you have done this, see Resetting preferences for instructions on resetting SketchBook to its default settings. You can also backup  your settings as well using the advanced method below: Backing up your Mac settings To backup your settings, you will need

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Android: Transferring images from one device to another

Administrator/ October 13, 2016/ Saving and Backing Up

00Did you just get a new device and want to transfer your SketchBook images over from the old one to the new? If you are on an Android device, here’s how to do it: 1. Start with backing up your data from the old Android device to a desktop computer. 1. Connect the old device to a desktop computer. When the AutoPlay dialog appears, select Open device to view files. 2. Tap the Phone

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