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Autodesk SketchBook: the differences between subscription vs free

Administrator/ May 10, 2017/ Feature Comparisons

20If you are curious about the differences between the SketchBook versions (free and subscription, and for mobile, Pro Tools), select a platform: Desktop Mobile Windows 10 Desktop: Differences between the free and subscription Do you want to know what the differences are between the SketchBook desktop versions? What do you get with the free version and with the subscription? The table will help you with this.   Free version   Pro subscription Canvas

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SketchBook for Mobile: Which pens works with which devices?

Administrator/ January 16, 2017/ Feature Comparisons, Stylus troubleshooting

20 If you are wondering which digital pens (styluses) are supported for use with SketchBook, check out the charts below. They break it all down for you. For iOS SketchBook Pro v2.x   Supported Pens  iPad2 iPad3 iPad4  iPad mini  iPad Air   Ten One Design Pogo                            ✓       ✓          ✓         ✓

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Desktop: Enterprise version

Administrator/ November 9, 2016/ Autodesk SketchBook for Enterprise, Feature Comparisons

20 Do you have questions about the Enterprise version of Autodesk SketchBook or just looking for a network licensing solution? If so, check out the system requirements to ensure it’s right for you. NOTE  For educational institutions, click here for instructions on how to get Autodesk SketchBook for Enterprise and setting it up for your school. It is available only for use by educational institutions on multiple computers and/or network servers. To see what’s new

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SketchBook Mobile: How many layers and what’s the maximum canvas size?

Administrator/ October 13, 2016/ Feature Comparisons

00Did you download SketchBook Mobile and want to know how many layers you have or how large your canvas can be? Well, it’s all up to your device. Your device’s specifications and the software version determine the various combinations of layer number and canvas size. See the charts below for more details: iOS For SketchBook v3x, all the supported iPads offer different canvas and layer combinations: Canvas sizes iPad2 & mini   iPad3    iPad 4  iPad Air 768

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SketchBook for Windows 10

Administrator/ September 26, 2016/ Feature Comparisons

01We have a new version of SketchBook to replace the Windows Tablet app on the Microsoft Windows Store. Download the new Windows 10 version here. What’s the difference between the desktop Windows version available for download on and this new one? The desktop version It can be installed on either 32- or 64-bit Windows machines. If you have a subscription, you will run the full desktop version of SketchBook. SketchBook Windows 10 It can be installed

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