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Recent SketchBook updates and iPad 4, iPhone 5, and iPhone 5C users

Administrator/ June 8, 2017/ Common questions

00Since SketchBook 4.0, we’ve read through your iTunes comments and have really taken them to heart. We are grateful for the feedback and have made changes where they made sense. The recent SketchBook updates address many of the issues raised. See below for more details. SketchBook 4.0.4 The release of 4.0.4 introduced the Pixel Preview preference to address the confusion many of you had when we added the Pixel Preview mode in 4.0.

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Basic SketchBook information

Administrator/ May 4, 2017/ Common questions

11When you first download SketchBook, you might not know where to start. Here is some basic SketchBook information to help guide you: If you want to learn the basics to get started in SketchBook, here are articles for each SketchBook product: SketchBook Basics for Desktop SketchBook Basics for Mobile Getting started with SketchBook for Windows 10 Getting started with SketchBook Motion Basics for SketchBook Motion If you are looking for information on certain parts

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Tools in SketchBook

Administrator/ May 1, 2017/ Common questions, Tools and features

20Do you have questions about the various tools in SketchBook? Each platform of SketchBook has slightly different tools and features. The platform and version (free or subscription) determine what tools you have. Find the platform you are using to get information on its tools and features: Desktop Windows 10 Mobile Tools in the desktop version To access the Tools menu in the SketchBook for Desktop help, click here. Otherwise, check out the tools you’ll

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Finding older versions of Autodesk SketchBook

Administrator/ April 3, 2017/ Common questions, Trials, Downloads, and Installation

10Are you looking for older version of SketchBook? Do you have a machine that can’t be updated, so its specs aren’t compatible with the latest version of SketchBook? Though the older versions don’t have the speed, latest tools, and all the other bells and whistles, they might work on your device or machine, if you can find them. Mobile If you are on a mobile device and the app is no longer listed

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Autodesk SketchBook for Enterprise FAQ

Administrator/ March 24, 2017/ Autodesk SketchBook for Enterprise, Common questions

10This FAQ will try to answer the questions you have about Autodesk SketchBook for Enterprise. What’s the difference between Autodesk SketchBook for Enterprise and Autodesk SketchBook? What subscription terms do you offer and how much is Autodesk SketchBook for Enterprise? My company uses P.O.s to purchase software. Is this an option? We have a large team. They work on an assortment of platforms. Will our subscription cover this? How do I get Autodesk SketchBook

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How to download SketchBook

Administrator/ March 16, 2017/ Common questions

20To download SketchBook, follow the instructions for the platform you need: Windows/Mac Mac App Store iOS Android If you run into trouble while downloading/installing SketchBook, please check out the articles under Downloads and Installation or submit a ticket to support and let them know this is a download/install issue. For the Windows or Mac desktop version Tap here. It should automatically download. Tap the SketchBook .exe or .dmg file, tap Run and follow

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Getting started with SketchBook

Administrator/ March 14, 2017/ Common questions, Tools and features

20Tools you can use with SketchBook To get the best experience with SketchBook on either desktop or mobile, we recommend using it with an input device. Try SketchBook with a Wacom tablet, iPad Pro, or using an assortment of styluses. There are many options to choose from. Wacom For Mac or Windows users, Wacom has a variety of drawing tablets, ranging from interactive pen displays, to pen tablets and styluses. It has

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