Basic SketchBook information

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Basic SketchBook informationWhen you first download SketchBook, you might not know where to start. Here is some basic SketchBook information to help guide you:

If you want to learn the basics to get started in SketchBook, here are articles for each SketchBook product:

If you are looking for information on certain parts of SketchBook, you might find these helpful:

For information on supported styluses and tablets, look here:

For answers to questions, here are some places to look:

Finally, if you are looking for inspiration or want to learn more, try the following:

Preferences in SketchBook

Since SketchBook runs on an assortment of platforms, we have different versions of the app. Each version has its only set of preferences. These preferences differ from one version to the next, usually due to the capabilities of the operating system and device. Below are links to the preferences in each version. Tap on the version you’re looking for.