We have changed SketchBook Help to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for and to get back to sketching. Thanks to everyone who gave us feedback. We wanted to let you know that we’re listening 🙂

Top general search topics

How to find things

SketchBook user guide buttons for accessing the help for the product displayedUser Guides
These four orange buttons take you directly to the user guides for the product listed. Tap one to access that user guide.

Search options
There are two types of searches:

Google Search feature in the SketchBook Help

  • Google global search – This searches through the support/knowledge base articles, as well as the four user guides.

SketchBook search buttons for accessing the help content

  • SketchBook Help specific search – This is found at the bottom of each article. It only searches through the articles pertaining to the help you are in.
    For example, if you are in SketchBook Help, it only searches support/knowledge base content. If in a user guide, it only searches the user guide for answers.

SketchBook Docs SketchBook User Guides
This section along the side also takes you directly to the user guides.

The Table of Contents for the SketchBook Help

Table of Contents
This section along the side provides direct links to the high-level topics.

Do you need assistance? section in SketchBook for submitting a ticket.Do you need assistance?
If you want to report a bug or need some assistance, check out the Do you need assistance? section, found along the side.

Twitter feed for SketchBook

SketchBook Twitter feed
If you need inspiration, check out the Twitter feed to the right.