Dragging and dropping files (iPad)

CAUTION: For iOS 11+ iPad users only

Use Apple's drag and drop feature, found in the Apple dock and Files app to drag and drop png, JPEG, PSD, and Sketchbook TIFF files from available locations.

Dragging an image into the canvas on mobile devices

Creates another layer in the Layer Editor, containing the dragged image.

  1. With Sketchbook open, access the Apple dock and select the Files app. This opens the Browser along the side.
  2. Select the image you want from the supported image formats (png, JPEG, PSD, or Sketchbook TIFF).
  3. When you find an image, drag and drop it into the canvas.

NOTE: If the image is a Sketchbook TIFF and has multiple layers, it will be flattened onto one layer.