Backing up files before Android update

As of Nov 1 2021, all new apps and updates on the Google Play store must update to API30. A significant impact of this is that it changes the permissions apps have for opening and saving files.


Note: These changes will apply only to devices using Android 11 or later. Devices with earlier versions of Android, or on Chrome OS, will not see a change in how files are opened and stored.

For Sketchbook, this means with the next release the app will no longer be able to store files in the Autodesk > SketchBook3 folder that it has been using for years. All these files must be migrated to a new location.


If you have denied Sketchbook permission to your device storage, your files are saved inside the app container and will not migrate.

We have developed a migration workflow that you will see on first launch after the next update that will copy your files to the new location. The time this process will take may vary depending on your device, and the size of your Sketchbook Gallery.

We know that some of you have hundreds of sketches in your Gallery. The migration for a Gallery of a few GB could take 30 minutes or more. Please do not force quit the migration when it is in progress. 

We are rigorously testing this process, but it is impossible to emulate every possible set of events. The safest situation is for you to please back up your data.

Your Sketchbook art files are .tiff files. These files contain the data for your layered art. The PNG files you see in the folder SketchBookPreview are condensed thumbnail previews for the Sketchbook Gallery. They are not your art files and there is no value to Sketchbook in backing up these previews. The files you want to back up are the .tiff files.

How to back up your art files on Android

  1. Navigate to Files or Internal Storage (this may be called something different depending on your device manufacturer)
  2. Find the folder Autodesk
  3. Click in to the folder SketchBook3
  4. In this folder you will see a number of files with alphanumeric file names and the extension .tiff. These are your Sketchbook art files.
  5. Copy these files (do not delete, remove, or rename them) to a second location in the cloud or on an SD card.

If you ever need to restore a backup, you can copy these files back to your device and run the Recover Images tool in Sketchbook.

If you have questions about the API30 update, or about backing up your files, please reach out to