Android data migration

Android API 30 - Android 11 and higher

Sketchbook version 5.3 includes an update to Google's API, this is a requirement for all new and updated apps. 


This change only affects Android 11 and 12

These changes will apply only to devices using Android 11 or later. Devices with earlier versions of Android or on Chrome OS will not see a change in how files are opened and stored.

The new API changes where on your device apps are allowed to open and save files. Sketchbook is no longer allowed to save its data to the "Autodesk" folder it has used for years, so all your data must be migrated to a new folder.

If you have a large Gallery, this migration will take extra time

As an example, a large Sketchbook Gallery of 9GB may take 30 minutes to migrate. Duration of the migration will also depend on the device specifics. Please do not force-stop the migration once it has started, as we cannot guarantee that your data will be safe if you do this. 

You can back up your data prior to the migration

We have rigorously tested this process, but if you are concerned about the safety of your data it is always a good idea to have a backup. Information on how to backup your files can be found in this article: Backing up files before Android update‍.

The migration process

When you start the migration, you'll be shown your internal storage folders. Tap on the "Autodesk" folder to select it. Then tap the blue "Use this folder" button at the bottom of the screen.

You'll see a prompt asking you to allow Sketchbook access to files in the Autodesk folder. You must select "Allow" to continue the migration.

The migration will start, the screen will show you the progress % of the the migration and how many sketches have transferred.

At the end of the migration, your sketches will appear in your Gallery.

If you have any questions about the migration, please email