Introducing the new SketchBook Knowledgebase

Administrator/ October 3, 2016/ Uncategorized

Image of the new SketchBook Knowledgebase page
We are in the process of moving the SketchBook knowledgebase content from its current location to its new one. As we do so, the content and links will be updated. We are going through it to ensure the content is up-to-date.

Along the top and bottom of SketchBook Help, you will find links to the various SketchBook user guides and the knowledgebase.

Image of the SketchBook help page with the Knowledgebase links called out

What you’ll find

Besides all the help articles, the knowledgebase contains:

  • keyword/phrase search
  • most recent posts list
  • search by category
  • the two latest tweets from SketchBook Pro
  • link for contacting support and submit a ticket
  • plus links to the user guides and other SketchBook info

The images connected to the articles should also make is easier to find things visually.

When all the knowledgebase content is moved over, the old location will be shut down. So, in the interim, there are two places to find answers. If you can’t find them in one location, please check the other. We thank you for your patience during this upgrade period.